2014 Gratitude Journal – Part 2

As another year comes to a close,  I wanted to take the time to list down a couple of items I am thankful for covering the period December 14, 2013 to December 13, 2014.  This is Part 2 – Numbers 7 to 13.

 Circa 2012, all the kids together for a photoshoot

7.   My three kids are doing well in school.

My eldest Jamie skipped the 9th grade and bridged direct from 8th to 10th Grade.  As part of only 2 sections of the Bridging batch,  she is in the Top 10 and she is striving to inch closer to the Top 5.  Her adviser is all praises and I see her effort to do good in school.  She asks me for help whenever she needs it, but on the whole, she does what she can independently. 

My second daughter, Keeto,  is in the big school for the first time (1st Grade),  but she is doing very well.  She is currently in the Top 5 of her class and for 2 quarters,  she has been selected as Best in Deportment.  Her adviser said that Keeto is very mature compared to the other kids in her thinking and outlook. 

My youngest and only son, Lucas is in Senior Nursery, and although academically,  he hasn’t shown the same inclinations as his two older sisters,  he has shown some flashes of brilliance in both his wit and his behavior—he thinks fast on his feet and always has an answer that would send us into gales of laughter.  He was also the only one in his Junior Nursery class who stayed in his seat the whole time of the Moving Up ceremony, while being able to recite Bahay Kubo flawlessly.  He was only two at the time. 



Keeto walking towards the waters of Binmaley, Pangasinan

8.   Related to the above,  I see that my kids are also well-adjusted.  They do have some naughty streaks, but on the whole,  they are very good kids. They are not the typical kids of old who would say Po and Opo, much to my chagrin,  but they are for the most part respectful and well-behaved. 

Case in point,  Keeto and Lucas went to our company Trick or Treating event and the last part of the program was a magic, acrobatic and balloon show.  The stage was very small and low and most of the kids were already on the stage crowding the magician.  Lucas was sitting with his yaya and me, resting,  Keeto was watching with the rest of the kids.  When I saw the unruly kids on the stage,  I stood up,  looking for Keeto,  ready to tell her that she shouldn’t be on the stage.  I saw her,  alone,  just in front of and below the stage (not ON the stage),  looking at the magician.  She looked at me and shrugged as if to say,  Look Mama,  I am doing the right thing.   So I sat and continued to watch.  The magician then produced some balloons and proceeded to twist them into animal shapes and gave them away to lucky kids.  I stood up again,  because I was worried that since she was not on the stage,  she wouldn’t get a chance to get a balloon.  Again,  I was ready to go to Keeto and help her make her way to the magician to get a balloon.  There were so many kids that I couldn’t see her.  Then she emerged from the throng,  with a balloon twist in her hand.  She was smiling.  She knew when she had to behave,  and she knew when she had to assert herself.  She didn’t even need my help.

Another case in point is Lucas.  In school,  he gets into normal scuffles with his classmates and even if he is probably the smallest,  he never lets the bigger kids get the better of him.  He is three anyway,  and a boy,  so this is expected.  But when he is in his therapy school,  where he gets his weekly Physical Therapy session,  he never fights with the kids there.  When someone tries to get something from him,  Lucas would let the other person be.  He never gets into a fight.  For some reason,  he just knows that it wouldn’t be fair to fight the kids there, most of which are seeking therapy themselves for more than just physical issues.


Candid shot of Jamie

9.   My eldest Jamie is growing up so fast.  I always hear people say that at some point,  kids will start moving away from spending time with their parents and will spend more time with their friends.  I know that is inevitable,  so I am enjoying every bit of time I can still spend with Jamie.  For this year,  we have gone on many firsts together.  She got two more piercings on her right ear,  mimicking my left ear. We watched Wicked.  During the summer,  we watched the newest seasons of our favorite series – How I Met Your Mother,  Awkward, Once Upon a Time,  The Walking Dead, etc.  She got into the whole horror movie scene,  and we watched a lot of new and even classic horror movies.  We went out to watch movies,  shop (well,  mostly she shopped, I paid—then deducted from her money with me), and eat.  We sometimes have this little world we share which my hubby and the two younger kids just don’t understand.  I am thankful we have this and I am thankful that she is turning out almost as weird as I am.   We went to our first rock concert together and got Henna tattoos.  Of course my hubby was also there and Jamie had some friends with her, but still.  She is also beginning to discover 90’s rock music (which I lived through and just happened to love with a passion).



Keeto with her dog, Rango

10.   Keeto is the sweetest kid of all, a lot of times emotional, but just so damned sweet.  With my frequent travels, we would have several scenes of her crying before I leave.  She would even cry when I kiss her goodnight in her room because I had to go back to my room.   When I am not at home,  she would stare into an enlarged photo of the two of us, and she would hug and kiss the photo and take it to bed with her.  Alas,  the photo got dropped and the frame cracked.  Now the photo is in a clear-sleeve and pinned to her cork board.  She still stands on the bed and kisses it when I am away.   She is my shadow, always there wherever I go.  When I am working in my home office,  she would be there,  quiet when she had to be,  and playing when it was okay. She takes her afternoon nap on the floor of my home office, near my feet, so she would sense it if I left.   She would write and draw me tons and tons of messages/letters, a lot of which I collect in a large envelope.  Whenever she sifts through them, she smiles. My keeping them makes her feel good and important. I keep them because they are little pieces of her love to me.



Sir Lucas

11.   Lucas is my little man, the baby I never thought I would ever have. I am thankful that he has caught up with his development,  that he has no other issues other than his posture and head tilt,  which should be something we can address.  He is sweet, naughty, moody and smart.  He demands attention and I am more than happy to give it to him.  He is attached to his yaya,  but he knows that I am his Mama and when we are together,  no one else matters. During the summer,  we slept a lot together,  because the kids could only sleep in our room if they don’t have school the next day. So during summer and semestral breaks,  our room becomes a common room.  He cuddles up to me like a cat and I love that he tangles up in me when he sleeps.  I sing to him and he listens intently.  He looks at me with love in his eyes and I forever drown in them.



12.   Sleepovers and Family Bonding Time. 

Much as I love my kids individually,  I also love being able to be with them all together and watch them interact with each other.   When Tosh sleeps at the farm,  we would have sleepovers in  the master bedroom where we set up my laptop with movies,  we spread the mattress for all of us to lay on and we bring in food and drinks.  Those nights usually start out chaotically,  but normally, after the first movie,  which is kid friendly, Keeto and Lucas would be asleep,  and Jamie and I would be able to watch what we want to. 


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