2014 Gratitude Journal – Part 5

     As another year comes to a close,  I wanted to take the time to list down a couple of items I am thankful for covering the period December 14, 2013 to December 13, 2014.  This is Part 5 – Numbers 27 to 31.



27.   SGV Friends.  This was my first job and I stayed for 11 years.  A lot of my friends now were made during that period.  My first bosses instilled in me the discipline and the OC-ness that I currently have – MDB and WAC.  My friends—I think of them in batches –the friends I made as we all slaved away under a not-so-popular manager.   When I transferred under MDB and WAC,  the fun started. So many people,  so many friends.   I can only highlight a few,  but I am thankful for all.  My BSC family,  my Kimosabe Jef friends,  my Subic family,  my FBDC family, everyone who mentored me and those that I was fortunate enough to mentor. It is heartwarming indeed to see the people that I helped learn the ropes come into their own and become very successful. 



28.   Magnus/SCC.  After SGV,  I transferred to Magnus and stayed for 7 years.  This was a turbulent point in my life and the people I met during this time have also become an integral part of my life.   I also cherish the friends I have made in this company.  My boss, Jan, who was not only the most handsome boss anyone could ever have,  but he had a big heart,  which he never really wanted to show to anyone.  The colleagues and people I “bossed” around, who became my friends as well.  I started becoming a Ninang in a lot of weddings and baptisms.  Magnus went through a lot of incarnations, and I met new people as a result.  It was bought by an Australian company, Supply Chain Consulting (SCC).  Then bought by Fujitsu.  I had left already before the Fujitsu deal came in.



29.   Turning Point/PPA.  After Magnus/SCC, I decided to set up my own consulting company and do freelance work.  I set up Turningpoint Resource Solutions and was contracted by Magnus/SCC to do the PPA project, which took 18 months of my life, and a totally new experience.  It was stressful, challenging and at times, everyone wanted to give up.  The upside?  I was able to meet and bond with a new group of people, a lot of which are still friends of mine until now.  And I became stronger,  harder and more ready for anything.



30.   Amkor. After PPA, I decided that my own business was just too stressful, so I went back to corporate and joined Amkor.  I worked with some ex-SGV friends and met and encountered a whole new group of people, very different from the people I encountered in Consulting. It was a refreshing change.  I stayed only for about a year as I was going through some personal battles of my own and I decided to take it easy and just rest.



31.   Weekend Village Market Ladies.  Out of a need to do something within the community,  I met and became friends with 5 very lovely ladies. We launched a weekend village market in our neighborhood and although the success of it can be disputed,  the fact that we all came together and became friends is for me the ultimate reward.  We are in each other’s lives and we work on mini projects together and/or support the others’ endeavors.

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