2014 Gratitude Journal – Part 7

 As another year comes to a close, I wanted to take the time to list down a couple of items I am thankful for covering the period December 14, 2013 to December 13, 2014.  This is Part 7 and the last of the series for this year – Numbers 37 to 46.

Tosh 2Tosh

37.   I am thankful for Nestor/Tosh, my hubby. In spite of all the madness and the challenges and the time management issues, he is still there for me, and my kids.  As always, life with him is never always rainbows and unicorns, but it is in him that I am grounded in reality.  He is my anchor. He is the rock that hits me on the head when I need it the most. And despite all the moods, little fights and imposed silences,  he is still the love of my life. After a particularly tiring and stressful day, when everyone else is asleep,  it is in his arms that I find my safe sanctuary.



38.   My Angels – Mommy, Daddy, Yamon and Yabob.  I am thankful for them, even if they are no longer with me physically.  Their memories live in my heart and their spirits are still around me, guiding me, encouraging me.  Whenever I am in a bind,  I always imagine being able to talk to one or all of them,  and through that imagined conversation,  I find my solution.

39.   God & Spiritual Life.  I am not a church-goer, but I am a Catholic—maybe that is a contradiction, but it works for me.  For some reason, I have become disillusioned with the whole ritual, but I never lost my faith.  I have a spiritual life, and I have a relationship with my God.  I am thankful for His presence in my life.



40.   Health & Fitness.  I may not be 100% fit (I will need to hit the treadmill again and do exercises very soon), but for the most part, this has been a positive Health year for me.  As we grow older,  we become thankful for these kinds of years and in a family that lives under the specter of some illnesses I would rather not name,  a year without it rearing its head is a blessing indeed.

41.   Blessings – Financial, Opportunities, etc.  Although this is a year of recovery (we made a major investment in home renovation the past year), I am thankful that we are still surviving. There may have been some cash flow issues here and there, but for the most part, this has been a good year.  My only regret is that because we were recovering ourselves, we had to say No to a lot of people who needed help.

42.   My Comfort Food.  I am a child at heart and I love spam, Purefoods hotdog (for any meal, merienda and pulutan – a Mendoza drinking staple), Lucky Me Instant noodles (both the Mami and the Canton),  Knorr Chicken Noodle Soup (the more flavorful, the better),  Jack and Jill Chippy & Chiz Curls combination,  cornics, Cheetos Spicy Hot or Jalapeno,  shrimps—cooked any way, and KFC original.  I know it is bad,  but I still love (and indulge once in a while) regular Coke.  My drink of choice at home is Tanduay Ice Pomelo,  and margarita when I’m out.

43.   My Security Blankets.  On a daily basis,  my security crutch would have to be my black knapsack,  which I bring anywhere,  as in anywhere.  I work from home,  but I pack it nonetheless and bring it from my room to my home office.  I seldom leave it alone,  even bringing it  to the rest room with me when I am out of the house.  People always ask me why,  and I say,  I just feel better having everything within reach.  Another one is Nessie,  the stuffed grizzly bear which was given to me by Nestor/Tosh before we got married (he would be around 15 years old now,  more than one year older than Jamie).  I still sleep with him beside me,  much to Nestor/Tosh’s chagrin.  


Darryl2 Darryl

44.   I also love my black cat, Darryl.  He is my pet,  my comfort, my source of bedtime stories (Darryl The Cat stories for Lucas and Keeto),  and a connection to my childhood,  when Mommy had a variety of black cats at home.

45.   The Gift of Time.  I am thankful for this year,  and thankful as well that I was able to manage the time I had doing everything I had to do.  Time management is hard when you have a work life that demands a lot out of you,  and a family life that you would like to spend quality time on.  I may not have been 100% successful in managing my time well,  and there were some little hiccups here and there,  but for the most part,  both lives survived, unscathed.


46.   Finally, I am thankful for this coming year. Another year of life to live.  Another year full of possibilities.

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