What started as an innocuous Facebook status posted by a friend has turned into my way of ensuring all my resolutions for 2014 will be achieved.   It has been said that resolutions announced are more likely to be met than those that are kept secret.  How better to enforce these resolutions further by being “committed” to specific people to deliver results.

The FB post basically said: Do something creative for the first 10 people that comments,  “I’m in!”  Delivery should be within 2014.  It was supposed to be a chain post,  where each one that says they’re in should also post the same status.  For me, I just focus on the people that answered and the creative things I will do for them.

So my journey begins.  And I call it 10-4-10-4-2014.  Ten creative things for 10 people for 2014.   Uh-oh,  my creativity is obviously not at its peak right now,  but like it or hate it,  I am stuck with this project code.

So who are my 10 people?

  1. Ex-activist turned Economics professor cum political analyst cum poet cum photographer
  2. Newly graduated young guy back from 1 year of  “work” in the US,  trying to find his place
  3. An adventurous commitment-phobe
  4. Tall, dark and lovely wishing to be blessed with a child
  5. Mommy figure who loves cooking
  6. Tisay with a crunchy love story
  7. Chairwoman with a soft heart
  8. Grumpy Aussie who pushes people to go on adventures
  9. New Mom Drama Queen
  10. 14-year-old volleyball player and pep squad member

An interesting mix of people.   Demographics-wise, I seem to have representation from most every aspect:

  • 3 Males and 7 Females.  As far as I know, their sexual inclinations are the same as their biological make-up
  • 1 teen-ager;  1 early twenties;  2 in their thirties;  3 in their forties;  3 in the 50 to 60’s range.
  • 3 are family.  1 I met in school.  4 I met in our village.  2 I met at work.
  • 3 are single.  1 is separated with kids.  1 is a widower with kids.  1 is a single parent.    3 are married with kids.  1 is married with no kids.
  •  1 is still in school.  1 just graduated from school.  1 works in a school.  1 used to work in a school. 1 I met in school.  4… well they used to go to school…hahahaha!

For now, the only thing they have in common is me… and their willingness to go on this journey with me.

This is a very thought-provoking challenge.  The first step is to determine what my project would be for each one and ensure all my resolutions are addressed along the way.

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