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Travel & Write Series: Thailand

I took a business trip to Thailand two-and-a-half years ago back in June 2014. It was my first time travelling there as my previously scheduled trips were cancelled due to the political situation in Bangkok, where the company’s offices are situated.  I remembered that the…

When Sparks Fly: A Review

The first time I read Ines Bautista-Yao’s latest romance novel, When Sparks Fly, I recalled another book that I really loved, Something Borrowed by Emily Griffin.  Although Emily Griffin’s book has a higher heat level and was way more complicated in terms of conflict (MC…

Farewell, 2016! Hello, 2017!

  2016 is done and dusted. And while it was a big year for me, writing-wise, I am excited at the prospect of 2017! 2016 brought me the following: Release in print of 4 books - Turning Points, In My Dreams, The Retreat, and Kate,…

MIBF 2016 Thoughts and Feelings

I was introduced to the Manila International Book Fair or MIBF last year, 2015, when Buqo, the online platform sponsor for the resulting bundles for two of our writing seminars, encouraged us writers to participate in their “Donate a Book and Get ebooks Free” drive. …

#HeistClub Blog Tour: Reviews Part 1

The spotlight is on the #HeistClub authors and stories, and Philippine crime fiction in general.  Although I was only supposed to write one (1) blog entry for this blog tour,  because #HeistClub is so close to my heart,  this is going to be the first…