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Kids Lit—Bayong Ng Kuting

So, in a span of more than a year, I’ve written speculative fiction, paranormal romance, crime, fantasy, and romance. When the opportunity to write a story for children arose, I grabbed it. I joined the #BayongngKuting workshop which challenged us to write a story for…
Author Life

In My Dreams, my #StrangeLit novella

Because of my positive experience during the #JustWritePH workshop, I joined another writing workshop—#StrangeLit, and as the name suggests, the challenge was to write a paranormal/supernatural story in 30 days. Again, the reward for a completed manuscript is online publication. I love this genre personally,…

2016 is Going to be Epic!

Think about this: My first novel (#JustWritePH), Turning Points, will be released as a stand-alone e-book novel by Buqo. I plan to also make Turning Points available on paperback through a limited print run. My #StrangeLit novella, In My Dream, will be released as a…