Buddy System: 10 Things You Shouldn’t Do on your Company Summer Outing

SUMMERFEELS-cover-ebookIn my newest story, Buddy System, featured in Summer Feels (a #romanceclass anthology), the main character, twenty-something IT consultant Kit Estaquio, doesn’t believe in letting loose during company summer outings.

“I have always been on the fringes, watching, never really partaking. I’ve felt disappointment and pity for these people who drink to excess and do stupid things, which ensconce them in the should-never-be-disclosed (but always told) embarrassing history of our company.” -Kit

In fact, she goes by her list of things NOT TO DO during any company outing, outlined below:

1. Don’t ask your best friend to babysit you and bail you out when the going gets tough (especially if you also do #3, because then he won’t be focusing on you then)
2. Don’t lust after your surfer dude boss (even if everybody else is, and it’s only from a distance)
3. Don’t match your best friend with his ultimate crush and get pissed when he bites (because then he won’t be able to do the task in #1)
4. Don’t drink too much (duh, no brainer)
5. Don’t make out with the resident office player (even if he is DROP. DEAD. GORGEOUS.)
6. Don’t refuse an out when you are given one (Okay, you asked for it, and then you won’t take it?  What are you thinking?)
7. Don’t join the bonfire “games” (unless you’re ready to throw inhibitions out of the window)

8. Don’t lose control (if you do #4, then this is a rule you won’t be able to keep)
9. Don’t sleep in a room that’s not yours (ahem.)
10. Don’t confirm any stories about what happened (if the shit hits the fan, deny, deny, deny!)

18110313_10211052150834313_1328222610_oSomething happens in Kit’s life which makes her throw the above list of rules out the window. In the course of an overnight outing, she breaks each one of the rules, except for one.

Grab a copy of Buddy System and find out how.

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