Quill Library

This LIBRARY will contain samples of written works by ysrealm and other authors. Some works will have free downloadable pdf formats.

Junjun Big Head

“Junjun Big Head! Junjun Big Head!” In an elementary school playground, three big boys surrounded a small, thin boy whose backpack lay on the ground, his things scattered around it. “Junjun!” Junjun looked up from where he was kneeling, putting his things back into his…

Green Apple (Updated)

I sit in the passenger seat of your car and I listen to the engine roar. Music trickles through the stereo and cold air washes over me. The traffic slowly crawls like a gigantic centipede and you talk. I listen. And I remember... ... a…

I See You

I See You   One Side   Kyle I hate you, you know that?  I hated you before and I still hate you now.  Nothing has changed. It doesn’t matter that you can't hurt me anymore by your words or your lack of attention. I…
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