Farewell, 2016! Hello, 2017!


2016 is done and dusted. And while it was a big year for me, writing-wise, I am excited at the prospect of 2017!

2016 brought me the following:

  1. Release in print of 4 books – Turning Points, In My Dreams, The Retreat, and Kate, Finally – I just realized that I have 240+ books out in the wild in around 10 countries around the world. Now, hopefully, those books are being (or have been) read and shared. Books
  2. Release in ebook format as well for 2 of the above books – The Retreat and Kate, Finally – ebook sales are not as good as the print sales, and this is because I have not been active in promoting myself.  I hope to change that in 2017.
  3. The #HeistClub Launch,  which I helped organize.  This is admittedly, a highlight of my writing year.
  4. The MIBF! This is when I realize even people who really don’t know me personally would buy to read my books!
  5. The #romanceclass events–AprilFeelsFest, OctoberFeelsFest, etc.
  6. The release of the two anthologies I contributed to–FLESH (by Fixi Novo, launched in UK),  and Talecraft Master Story Creators Anthology 1 (by Talecraft, launched in Fully Booked, BGC)
  7. Closer relationships/friendships with other authors/readers DSC_9909
  8. Opportunity to talk about writing to LSGH Grade Six students with fellow authors–Anne Plaza, Georgette Gonzales, Giselle Maris Bacala, Racquel Castro, Ana Valenzuela and Mark Manalang
  9. Opportunity to “come out” to my J&J Global Family about my writing during our year-end event in the US
  10. Significant progress to my #HeistClub book 2 (now 75% complete)
  11. Meeting and spending quality time with F.H. Batacan, the author of Smaller and Smaller Circles!  FullSizeRender

So now, onward to 2017!

  1. Finish my WIPs for #HeistClub,  #romanceclass2017 and a story that is close to my heart, “Losing It”
  2. #HeistClub Book 2 Launch.
  3. Focus on author branding, marketing and sales.
  4. Help others achieve their writing dreams.

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