Five Fun Facts – No Thanks to Gerbie

Fact 1: When I was in college (same one as Gerbie’s), I won a University-wide singing contest and beat out a lady who would later turn out to be a very talented singer and theater performer.

The last and probably the first major singing contest I joined was the Students Pop competition in college,  where I sang “The Way He Makes Me Feel” from Yentl and I won the grand prize.  I remember we had production numbers (“Magandang Gabi”, by Nonoy Zuniga – I forgot the 2nd song, we had an opening and a closing number with blocking and choreography).  What I do remember vividly was that there was one lady who was super talented.  She was already a star back then, with her magnificent voice and her wonderful costumes (I remember she had around 3 gown changes over the entire program, while I wore the same black and maroon blouse and black pencil skirt all throughout.   I was sure she was going to win,  so I was surprised when I did.  I pursued a non-singing career and she continued on with her singing.  I last saw  her give a gripping performance as mama-san in the local production of “Rock of Ages”.

Fact 1.5: Also back in college, all my female friends hated Gerbie,  although we didn’t know her personally.  The reason?  She was going out with the crush ng bayan guy.

Yes, everyone knew who Gerbie was and every girl I knew hated her guts.  She was beautiful, lady-like (always in dresses), so put together, and she was the girlfriend of one of the guys everyone was mooning over. Oh,  this is NOT  fun fact about me,  but just needed to get back a bit at Gerbie… Peace!

Fact 2: I appeared for a minute or so in a local 80’s R-rated film.

I remember that shooting day very well. Our church choir was asked to sing the wedding march to a very climactic scene in the movie (one of our choir members is the son of the assistant director).  It is NOT one of those movies you will be proud of announcing to the entire world and the title… I still cringe when I think about it.  The trailer had the topless leading lady running through a field.  But the shooting was hilarious.   We sang the wedding march and we had to act all surprised when the bride storms into the church and stomps through the aisle and gives the big reveal to all the attendees…haha…what I wouldn’t give to watch that scene and see our over-acting faces  all over again!

Fact 3:  I was in a showband in my late teens/early twenties and we had a very short-lived stint where we appeared n TV and even performed at some live shows in universities.

An offshoot of the university-wide competition I won.  We got to meet the winners from the different schools and some of them formed a band.  I saw them perform in a mall,  where my choir was also competing,  and they “recruited” me.   We made the rounds of lunch time shows,  evening college shows, etc.  We sang the same song, “You To Me Are Everything.”  We did some commercial jingles and made plans for more… but life happened,  and I dropped out.  I do still have the pictures.  Our band name?  The Chez Tones!

Fact 4: I was featured in a local magazine (no thanks again to Gerbie)

Again,  this is related to Gerbie.  By this time, we have become friends already, ironically,  through my husband,  who is close to their family.  We became colleagues at work as well.  Well,  in her then new work,  she had to do something like a make-over piece, and… one of the “models”  cancelled at the last minute.  She called me, promised me a facial, a beauty salon session and some free clothes.  She pleaded with me, and so,  I agreed.  I did get some free swag,  did the facial and beauty salon bit,  and had my before and after shots taken.  We were in Shangri-la Edsa Plaza mall and for a day I felt like a… well, model! Hahaha… so it was fun.  The magazine came out and it was okay.  I still have copies with me…although I had to admit,  I liked by Before rocker chick girl shot more than my made-up, dressed up After shot, but that’s just me.

Fact 5:  I am a documentation/writing  nerd, be it any documentation for work, or my blog, or fiction (mostly short stories).

I like documentation. There, I said it.  When I joined SGV and I had to churn out work documentation and reports,  I loved it!  I learned from the best when my drafts came back with red, green and blue corrections (this was before documents were corrected online), and so now in my line of work,  I am always tasked to do the serious project documentation no one else wants to do.

I guess it is also  because I just love writing.  I am a writer at heart.  And I share my thoughts through my blog ( and now, I also share my fiction writing through Wattpad.  Follow me and read my stories – I promise to post ALL my works.  I am listed as YeyetSoriano.

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