For Nanay (A Poem by Kristine Soriano)



One day, back when I was still little

I met my grandma and her eyes always twinkled

I lived in her house for a week

It was a great place to play games like hide & seek


She always cooked us food

And the taste, oh my, so good!

She always wears lots of colorful dresses

Her house is clean because she always cleans the messes


She has a small store by her house

And in her house, there’s not even a single mouse

She’ll always be my best friend and grandma

She took care of us, also my grandpa


She never gives up even when she’s tired

Her kindness is something I really admire

She has a very nice smile

She’s not far from being sweet, not even a mile!


She’s always been by my side

When I heard what happened, I cried

She is now in a better place

I will never forget her face


She always told the nicest stories

And of course, none of them were boring

I always enjoy being with her and the rest

I will try to be strong and do my best


Nanay, I will really, really miss you

But I know I will have to say goodbye too

I like to say I love you

Rest in peace, please do




Note:  I asked Kristine to write down her feelings and thoughts, because she was really distraught when she heard about her Nanay passing on. All the words in this poem are hers, which she wrote by hand, along with the picture she drew on a big heart-shaped piece of paper.  I just did some editing (because this is what I do), but this is all Kristine’s creation.

I cried after reading it for the first time and I hugged her tight. My daughter is so sweet. And she really captured the essence of who Nanay is to her.

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