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#HeistClub Launch: Acknowledgments

Tweedle Book Cafe (Photo credit: Richard Heredia)

The #HeistClub Launch kast March 24, 2018 at the Tweedle Book Cafe wouldn’t have been possible if not for the help and support from a multitude of people.  Below is my attempt at acknowledging everyone:

Thank you everyone for attending the launch and for supporting Filipino crime fiction!

A big thank you to our sponsors and supporters:

Tweedle Book Cafe c/o Jamie for letting us conduct the launch in this wonderful book haven.

JMD Prints c/o Joy Aspa for the printed books and materials. Thanks also for accommodating all of us at such short notice.

Bookbed for its neverending support and assistance to HeistClub. They let us maintain a monthly column in their website and they will write a feature of the authors. Not to mention our books are available on their online Bookbed store.

To URC c/o Ivan Alcantara for the snacks guests got on their way out.

Mina V. Esguerra

Maita Lu of Komikasi (Sachet Novels) and Talecraft

To Mina V. Esguerra for the continuous support and encouragement.Thanks for starting HeistClub and for letting us run away with it with your full support.

To FH Batacan for the inspiration and the encouragement. Thanks for always being willing to give a message to authors and readers alike.

To Maita Lu of Talecraft and Komikasi / Sachet Novels for providing other avenues for writers to find a platform of distribution.

And to the HeistClub team. I am so privileged to be in such a warm and supportive group. Oldies, thanks for mentoring the New Blood and supporting each other no matter what. I cannot mention all of you by name but you know who you are.

Thank you to Georgette Gonzales, who is based in the US, but this didn’t stop her from being the main editor and compiler for the new blood anthology. We chatted every morning and night when our time zones matched. And we had very intense discussions about each story.

Thank you to Abigail Jashael Bagabaldo Porcupine Strongwill for the book cover photography, design and internal formatting. She really had to be patient because Gette and I could really be ah… makulit and pushy at times. But look at the cover! She took our concept and executed it perfectly! Even if she had to do it herself! And during proofing. I came back with more edits every time!

Thank you to Ana Valenz and Michael Recto for proofing the manuscripts.

Thank you to Tara Frejas for organizing and executing the blog tour for the new blood anthology.

Hosts Ana Valenzuela and Porcupine Strongwill

For the launch proper, thanks to Amae Dechavez and Celestine Trinidad for manning the registration and book selling area. To Mark Manalang and Michael Recto for helping in the logistics. To Porcey and Ana for hosting. To Ivan Alcantara and Larvs Burlington for the

Authors Celestine Trinidad and Amae Dechavez manning the registration and selling table

photography and videography. To Emmanuel Bonifacio for helping with the heavy lifting.

Thanks to the bloggers, media people and everyone who have posted and will still post something about HeistClub, the authors, the books and stories.

To our families and friends, thank you for putting up with us, our strange ways, and the weird and twisted stories that come out of us. We are able to wrute because you are there supporting us, encouraging us, believing in us, loving us.

And to all of you who bought books, supported authors, donated to our cause, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

The snacks from URC with authors Bunag Manlapaz, Liam Blunt, Yeyet Soriano, and Amae Dechavez (at the back).


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