#HeistClub Launch – Closing Remarks (and Pictures)

Here are my Closing Remarks in full since I was not able to completely read through during the launch, due to the excitement and stress. But because I really don’t want to miss anyone in my acknowledgement,  here we go:


Hello Everybody!  Let me just say thank you very much for being here tonight to support the #HeistClub Launch!  I hope you enjoyed yourselves, as much as we enjoyed being with you for the past hours.

Let me just take this opportunity to thank everyone who made this night possible.

Photo 25-6-16, 8 19 06 PM

To Ms. Mina V. Esguerra for conceptualizing and conducting the #HeistClub crime fiction workshop.  Thank you for the consistent support to all of us from the time we joined the workshop,  to the time we completed our stories,  to helping us in releasing and marketing our work,  and up to now,  to this launch.  Thank you very much Ms. Mina!


Photo 25-6-16, 7 43 20 PM revTo my fellow authors, for joining and finishing the #HeistClub workshop!  Thank you for sharing your stories with the outside world and for working together to pull off this launch!



Bronze Age Media, Inc. – again thanks Mina!  Thanks also for giving away Kindle versions of the stand-alone stories.

Photo 25-6-16, 8 10 01 PMTalecraft – thanks Maita Rue! Thanks for the game and giveaways, and for the author loot bags!




Photo 25-6-16, 8 09 29 PM

Buqo—thanks John de Quiros! Buqo has always been the platform that most, if not all of our stories and bundles start out being available on.




Photo 25-6-16, 8 19 48 PM

JMD Copy & Prints – thanks Joy and Michael Aspa! All of the printed copies on sale have been printed by you guys, and I’m sure a lot of the other authors’ works in other genres have been printed by you.



Photo 25-6-16, 8 14 31 PM

Kwisshy’s Cupcake Haven –thanks Christine Castro, for the very beautiful cupcake toppers based on the books! Can’t wait to eat those cupcakes!



The Study, Enderun Tutorial & Learning Center – thanks Jacqueline Faust!

Photo 25-6-16, 8 15 10 PMUnlimited Grub Grabs – thanks, fellow author and organizer Mark Manalang! You have been the perennial support for the production team, as well as a bundle coordinator.



Photo 25-6-16, 8 17 10 PMGPicks – thank you from the bottom of my heart, Giselle Maris Bacalla.  You are not a #HeistClub author,  but you are friends with four of us – Mark, Mike, Racquel and myself.  And when we were discussing the possibility of conducting a launch,  you stepped up to the plate and pledged your support. All for the love of writing – and hopefully,  for the love of us.  Thank you, thank you, for a super awesome job!  We definitely wouldn’t have been able to pull this off without you!


To the Other People that Supported Us Along the Way:


F. H. Batacan for the afternoon get-together, the mention during interviews, and for the inspiring message tonight!




Photo 25-6-16, 8 11 13 PMAris Cuevas, for sharing his movie with us,  and for helping out in the set design (he is responsible for the mug shot background) and for being our unofficial photographer (with his friend Sting)!  Talk about multi-tasking!



Photo 25-6-16, 8 11 41 PMMaria Criselda Santos – for helping in the promotions, writing up the stories/authors, and for helping Magsi in the hosting duties tonight.




Photo 25-6-16, 8 12 53 PMGeorgette Gonzales, fellow #HeistClub author,  for helping out in creating the marketing materials and teaser video – she was the brains behind the concept.




Photo 25-6-16, 8 12 28 PM

Chi Yu Rodriguez, for taking Georgette’s ideas and putting them together in our beautiful marketing materials – posters, banners, profile pictures, cover pictures, and the hauntingly beautiful teaser video, which could already be a movie trailer!




Tobie Abad, from Tag Sessions, for designing the game that we distributed today. I hope you are able to solve it.  To be honest, it took me a while to get it—which prompted Tobie to re-design it a bit so it’s not too hard that no one would win.

Photo 25-6-16, 8 15 42 PM

To Ana Valenz, fellow author, for being a bundle coordinator and for reaching out to her press friends to cover the event





Photo 25-6-16, 8 18 29 PMTo Michael Recto, fellow author and organizer, for being the voice of reason when we the other organizers reach an impasse.




Photo 25-6-16, 8 10 36 PM

To Lyber Fenix Taruc, for being our Tech Guy and dead person outline maker!





DSC08083 revTo Racquel Sarah Castro, for your tireless support in creating designs for the give-aways, for posting on our page, for being our overall author coordinator and taga-kulit and taga-follow-up,  and for cheering everyone on.  Thank you also for the patience—I know I can be very meticulous bordering on OC in my review comments.




13535815_10208295759966264_1661382955_nTo Maria Roda Santos, my niece-in-law,  for being our official Book Market seller.  To my daughter Jamie Soriano and her friend Kim Uy,  thanks for the support!  Yup,  Jamie is my daughter,  so anyone with other intentions,  just imagine me as your future mother-in-law,  and think again.  I write CRIME,  I breathe CRIME. I can DO CRIME!



To the members of the GPICKS Production teamKen Chua and Girlie Mangahas for manning the reception area. Emmanuel Bonifacio and Dianne dela Cueva for the balloons and for helping out in audience participation.  Jovan Bacalla for the transportation and muscle!  Thank you all very much!

To Everyone who covered us on social media:

  • BookBed, thanks KB for the write-ups and for the future ones you would post in support of #HeistClub.
  • The Bookish Diaries Blog Tour, for conducting our blog tour,  which will happen in July 2016.
  • Will Read for Feels (Liana Smith Bautista) and Tara Tries To Write (Tara Frejas) for the blog posts!
  • To our fellow authors – regardless of genre—thank you for the overwhelming support!

To everyone who attended to support their family members or friends, please continue to do so.  Your support to us makes us stronger and more confident in pursuing this thing that we love-writing.   To everyone who attended just to see what this launch is all about – whether you are a crime fiction enthusiast or not, thank you for spending your time with us tonight.  I hope that you have been swayed to start and/or continue reading books—any books, regardless of genre, as long as written by Filipino authors.

Because at the end of the day, the support for Filipino authors should theoretically start in the Philippines!   We, the authors, promise not to let you down.  We will keep on writing.  We will improve our craft.  And we will continue sharing the stories in our heads with all of you.

Have a great #HeistClub Evening, everyone.  Stay safe on your way home.  Believe me, we’ve written all the dark scenarios that could happen.  So, make sure you are very careful and take all precautions!

On your way out, don’t forget to get your free cupcakes, buy more of the books, and even have them signed by the authors!  This place is open as long as the mall is open.

Again, thank you and good night!

Last thank you to Anne Plaza for taking most of the pictures shown in this blog post.




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