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Hello 2018!

2018 is going to be the year I release the WIPs (work-in-progress) I shed blood, sweat and tears for in 2017. Most would be novella/novel length, but there would still be short stories.


Up for release first this January would be my Another First, contribution to Start Here, a #romanceclass anthology of rainbow love and first encounters. I am extremely proud and excited about this release because this is the first time I’ve ever written an F/F romance. It was an eye-opening and liberating experience, to say the least. I can’t wait for readers to meet Jesslyn, Matteo and Lily Rose, and experience a memorable vacation to Bohol through their eyes. The Amazon ebook pre-order link is up here. If you’re in the Philippines and you prefer a physical copy, pre-order here.


Planned for a February to March release (and I am hard at work to ensure I make this deadline)  is my #romanceclass2017 novel retitled Patricia Once More. It takes off from the end of Kate, Finally, although this can be read stand-alone. There will be totally new characters, and even the old characters would have evolved significantly to warrant their own novel. The setting is in the US, for most of the novel. It will be about Patricia, a single mom making a life alone in the US with her young son, until  the jerk who broke her heart (Hi, Rob!) relocates to the US and they have to work together and at least be friends in order to co-parent their child. Set in Chicago and its surrounding suburbs, I had to encounter these locations again first hand last December in order to proceed with the rewrite.


Planned for a March release would be Crime Circle, my collection of crime fiction novellas under #HeistClub. This would serve as a follow-up to The Retreat, although it is strictly not a continuation of the story in that novella. It is a compilation of the full-length stories of the four authors who participated in the writers’ retreat. This collection is two years in the making, ever since I started writing The Retreat. They are raw and dark, tackling very serious crimes and the psychological repercussions of crime. The stories were very difficult to write, but I felt I needed to write them. I bade my time doing research, consultations and sensitivity reviews to ensure that I would be as close to reality as possible. This collection will be released along with follow-up books from the other #HeistClub authors, as well as a New Blood anthology from a new breed of #HeistClub authors.  @Photo credit to Edna Soriano-Sora.


The rest below do not have fixed dates yet, but they will definitely come out this year as well:

  • A creative non-fiction entry I submitted to a US-based online journal – it will be included in their Winter collection, so I expect it to be published within January to February.
  • My #romanceclassYA story, In Tune. Keeping my fingers crossed on this.
  • Several short stories I submitted to Sachet Novels under Komikasi Publishing. Crossing my fingers that the mobile platform where these stories will be released on would be launched very soon!

In terms of writing, I have a lot of plans. A story about two characters from In Tune who resonated with my beta readers. It would be a first again for me, if ever, because writing their story would mean going into the realm of M/M romance.  The follow-up to my YA paranormal romance In My Dreams, and maybe a revised version of that book as well.

I also commit to do a better job at marketing this year. With that will come the re-release of my blog website (and FB page) and the launch of my author website in the next couple of weeks.

To everyone who supported me last 2017, my heartfelt gratitude! May you continue to support me this 2018, and may I continue to provide you with stories that would have stir up emotions and have an impact on your lives.

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