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I Don’t Do Love Stories

I don’t do love stories…I mean I have never, and I don’t think I will ever,  write a conventional love story.  For some reason, I just can’t.  I start out writing something, with the intention to make it a normal love story, and along the way, it takes on a different life and ends up NOT being a love story.   You might think I am just being hard on myself,  but since it is February,  and it is widely considered a LOVE month,  I wanted to share a nice feel good love story with everyone.  Alas,  I couldn’t find anything to fit the bill.  So,  I am sharing a totally different story about love complicating everything.  The title came first before the story.  I would always tell my husband or my kids “Di kita Lab!!!” which means the opposite.  Just my way of saying “I love you” without sounding corny.  It caught on and we would tell each other this phrase as our own personal term of endearment.

My plan was simple –start to write a story NOT about LOVE and the reverse might happen and I would end up with a nice love story.   You be the judge.  NOTE:  This story contains mature subject matter.

Click here to access “He Loves Me…Not”.

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