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Motherhood Hurts

Motherhood HURTS

My head aches, my chest hurts and the throbbing pain on my earlobe just won’t quit. I look down and see the fading bruise on my left knee.  How did all these happen? Simple, I am a mother, and motherhood “hurts” big time!

Let’s start with the bruised knee.  Well, let’s consider the back story.  The movie “Frozen” is a hit, and my kids are on summer vacation now.  I wanted to bond with my 6-year old daughter and she wants to be like Anna.  So, the result?  We both enrolled in ICE SKATING LESSONS!  After our first session with our shared coach,  we compared how many tumbles we took on the ice.  I had 2 and she had 3.  Thank God!  However,  since I have 39 years over her,  the 2 tumbles can be multiplied a hundred-fold and she will be far ahead of me.  Suffice it to say, she took 3 tumbles which left no mark on her person.  I took 2 tumbles and I had an ugly bruise on my left knee for almost a week.

Putting on my ice skates - this alone was a workout in itself

Putting on my ice skates – this alone was a workout in itself

 Let’s continue on to my head aching, and the throbbing pain on my earlobe.  These are related to my eldest daughter,  who is 14.  The head aching is easy to explain.  Yesterday, the whole family went to Tagaytay with another family from Davao.  The father and my hubby have been friends for a long time, and by extension both families became friends over the years.  They have 2 sons, aged 18 and 14, respectively.  So…we went to Tagaytay and our first stop was to Sky Ranch.  To cut a long story short,  there was a Viking Ship (which replicated the Anchors Away ride in Enchanted Kingdom),  and the rest is history.  I took the 3 teenagers on the ride and we screamed our heads off.  After a few minutes, most of the kids have recovered, while I continued to have a ringing headache. Ahhh, age.  But it was fun and exhilarating and I enjoyed probably the most out of the 4 of us.  Sounds a bit like a night of drunken abandon,  with the after-effects (hang-over). Hahaha…
Positioned myself in the middle, while the kids were in front of me at the very end.  I took pictures, in between raising my arms and screaming

Positioned myself in the middle, while the kids were in front of me at the very end. I took pictures, in between raising my arms and screaming

The throbbing pain in my earlobe.  This is actually going to sound weird.  But again, related to my eldest daughter.   We made a pact.  She and I will get an ear piercing together.  I already have 3 piercings on my left ear, and only one on my right.  She wanted to get an additional one on her right lobe,  and I will do the same so we will have a pair between us.  As the day approached,  she asked me if she can just get the 2 piercings on her right earlobe (which means, I am off the hook and don’t need to get an additional piercing),  so we will have 1 earlobe each with 3 piercings.  Cool right?  So she got the additional piercings, me and hubby providing moral support, and our family pediatrician smiling as he did the deed.  He admitted it was the first time he had been asked to do this.   So why, you might ask, is my earlobe throbbing when I DIDN’T EVEN GET AN ADDITIONAL PIERCING?  Simple… since my daughter now had 3 earrings on her right ear, I needed to wear 3 earrings on my left ear…and, lo and behold,  the 2 additional piercings have started closing up.  Which meant, I forced the earrings on and now, my left earlobe is throbbing as if I just had it newly pierced.  Weird right?  In the end, I still shared the experience (and the pain) with my daughter.

My eldest's newly pierced ear.

My eldest’s newly pierced ear.

On to my chest hurting.  No,  nothing internal there.  From Tagaytay,  my youngest,  and only son, who is turning 2, decided to use me as his bed for the entirety of the trip home.  He slept on my lap and when I leaned the carseat back, his head rested on my chest.  And he had a heavy head, and he kept on moving back and forth and he wouldn’t let me go.  Such moments are priceless,  so I endured the discomfort and just enjoyed the closeness.

I am sure a lot of mothers have had their share of pain, not only physical, but also mental/psychological and emotional, from the time we became pregnant, until… well, there is no expiration date.  As long as we are mothers, we are always going to be open to being hurt.   Our kids have the power to hurt us.  But we also have the power over them. We have the power to hurt them and to make them happy with the simplest of gestures or words. So…if tumbling on ice makes my 6 year old happy with her “Frozen” scenario, I will gladly do it.  If  going on headache-inducing rides and re-piercing my ears would make my eldest daughter happy and cool,  then I  will do it.  If my son wants to sleep on me all day, even if I start to get numb, I will endure it,  because it meant I will feel his heartbeat next to mine and I will feel his little hands holding on to me.

Motherhood hurts.  But it pays off when you see your kids’ happy faces and you hear their gratitude and you feel their hugs and kisses.


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