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My First Prom . . . Ever!

It had taken decades before I had my very first prom. From an all-girls catholic school which didn’t consider proms as required, I never had one in high school–unless you consider an all-girls party at a classmate’s house. I never had anything similar in college either.  I was not the type to get invited to other school proms too, and I didn’t get out that much so didn’t know anyone from other schools! And when I started working, the parties became more halloween-themed rather than prom-like.

What makes this prom special is that it was a part of a #romanceclass event, a live reading for steamy romance stories from Filipino authors-#FeelsSoHot. It was also the ebook release of an anthology that is close to my heart, Start Here. There were limited print copies available during the event and two of the stories were featured in the live readings!

So back to the prom. Just like I would have done had I been in high school, I crammed the picking of the dress and shoes to the last minute. As in the night before. I left the office early and hubby and I went to the nearest SM (Bicutan) to shop. The choices were limited and I was in a hurry so the sales ladies just gave me stuff to fit and I paraded in front of hubby. I tried on about 10 dresses. He picked the shortest. We rushed to buy sparkly shoes and I bought the first one that fit me.

Back in high school, while the other girls wore nice clothes for the anti-prom party, I wore whatever I had. I remembered sawing a shirt to make it look cropped and taking out the cuff of a pair of bloomer pants to make it look like culottes. I also came from a family that didn’t seem to see party preparations as a shared event. And as the youngest and smallest in the family, I couldn’t borrow anything from my older sisters or mother. So, I had to make do with what I had–cue the movie “Pretty in Pink” with Molly Ringwald making her own dress.

So this time around, I had money to spend and a fashion consultant to give me advise (hubby)! I didn’t have to worry about a date, not that hubby attended–it was still a #romanceclass readers event, and my hubby doesn’t read (yeah, not even my books)! Most everyone came stag and we just had fun.

Almost everyone took the prom theme to heart and came in prom attire.  A lot of us wore shoes best looked at, and not worn for long periods of time–which meant that an hour or so in, people started changing to more comfortable shoes! But the highlight…definitely was when the steamy stories were read by our beloved readers-stage actors and actresses in their own prom clothes! So much eye candy and feelings in the room! And the heat level WAS high. What was also sweet was seeing the reactions of the authors whose stories were being read. Bianca Mori was almost in tears as Gio Gahol simulated Luke’s award-winning dance moves in Chasing Waves. Jay E. Tria almost crumpled into herself as her first heat level 3 steamy scene was read out loud from You Out of Nowhere. Carla De Guzman was trying not to react when an excerpt from her story The Queen’s Game was read. Mina V. Esguerra was hiding out but got called out by her Better At Weddings readers Sam Aquino and Migs Almendras. H. Bentham . . . Bentch was looking pale and almost stunned as Gio and Fred Lo slayed the reading of his Start Here story, The Other Story. I couldn’t see Brij Bautista‘s reaction to Sam and Rachel Coates‘ reading of Lemon Drop Friday, because the story, as read, just left me riveted, but I was sure she was also super over the moon.

And let’s talk about lemons . . . thanks to Jef Flores (and Camilla Sisco‘s Submission Moves), we will never look at a lemon the same way EVER!

So . . . a memorable prom it was! So glad to have been able to enjoy one after decades of angst.

Oh, and I went home promptly before 12 midnight. It might be decades after my teenaged years, but I still have strict family members (hubby and kids)!

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