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The Significance of Valentine’s Day


The significance of Valentine’s Day for me has evolved over the years. My first V-day cards were created painstakingly for my parents. When I was a kid, I remember one V-day when my Mommy gave me a gift–a sando and shorts set with hearts as design. I was so touched and I never forgot it. That’s why I always try to do small things for my kids every chance I get. Because I know they will remember. I never forgot even if I was below 10 at the time and I still feel light-hearted whenever I picture the set. I wore them with pride until they were ragged.

When I reached puberty, but still in highschool in our all-girls school, V-day meant receiving mountains of letters, cards and roses and gifts. Yes. We were all girls in the school,  but we had to survive,  so we had to play roles, and I was more a “boy” back then. Since I also sang, I had fans… haha. I also gave out cards to friends. What was funny was that I always ended the greeting with, “I love you-in a very Christian way!” Just so they won’t misunderstand. Haha! Catholic school upbringing! I got called out on this by a friend and I just shrugged. Better safe than  sorry, right?

After high school, I was an awkward wallflower, unsure of where I belonged. I was so used to being popular in my school that I felt like a fish out of water in the real coed world.  Then, I joined a church choir and it was my singing again that brought me a measure of popularity. I started getting male fans! V-day meant getting gifts. Back then I never dated. My family was strict and I never wanted to date a boy unless he was my boyfriend.

When I was 18, Vday became the day I lost my brother. It was heartbreaking. It was life changing.  That day, my childhood ended.

When I had my first boyfriend, I had 9 V-days of traditional dates and gifts and they were good.  After that 9-year relationship, I had my very first V-day where I went out with a guy who wasn’t my boyfriend. We watched “Titanic” and since the movie took more than 3 hours to finish, ended our date early morning the next day. Later on that same day, he officially became my boyfriend.

The next year, I spent V-day preparing for my wedding the next day, wanting to get married exactly a year since we became officially boyfriend and girlfriend. A year after that, V-day found me 9 months pregnant with my first child, receiving roses and a balloon heart from my hubby.

Since my wedding anniversary was a day after Vday, we usually celebrated more on the 15th than the 14th, but I still received cards and gifts on V-day over the years… from my beautiful valentines… my kids.

Full circle.

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