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Turning Points–My Novel

Turning Points Book Cover

This is a very personal novel. I know I may have broken so many rules in the writing of it, but I wanted this to be MY book, written just the way I wanted it to be written. There were no prompts, no genre recommendations. This was all mine. And true to my own life and personality, the book transcends several genres/themes.

It has a fairy tale base—the prologue and epilogue are based on a fairy tale, which underpins the main story.

There is time travel and alternate realities—I wrote about going back in time to take another path and how the present was affected. This gave birth to two separate realities, with different people and circumstances.

There is real life—in every situation, there is a reality that pervades the stories—Family drama, theater life, teenage love, single woman woes, friendships, death and love.

Darryl the CatThere is a bedtime story component.  A mother tells her kids a bedtime story that becomes the basis for the two alternate lives to intersect again. The hero of the bedtime stories is a black cat named Darryl, modelled after my own black cat, Darryl. And yes, I do tell my kids bedtime stories about him.

There is fantasy—people already dead becoming keepers of time; a boy who can communicate with a version of himself in the alternate world through a dream mirror.

The characters are loosely based on real people, and some real people became fictional characters as well. Who am I kidding?  This novel is about me, about my own what-ifs and I created a whole fictional universe around that theme.

Like I said, it is a lot.  But it is my story. My novel. And my first solo work published.

It was emotional writing it, and maybe everything won’t translate the same to readers who were not directly involved in my life, but it is honest and raw.

The novel is now available in ebook format on Buqo. Click here to buy.  It will also be available in limited print edition in a few weeks. For those interested to get a printed copy of the book, e-mail me at for inquiries and orders.


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