Why I Cut My Hair Short


Before 2014 was over, I had shed off more than 1 foot of hair. I always got the inevitable question–WHY???
Drastic changes in hairstyles for women have always been linked to life changing events. So I guess it was normal for people to ask me should there be anything I needed to share.
My reason? It was just time. I’ve had long hair for more than 10 years now so I just wanted to go back to my actual default short hair. When I was a kid I had always had short to medium length hair. Having naturally wavy hair didn’t give me the confidence to ever grow it really long. In High school I had boy-short hair, in keeping with my boy image in our all-girls school. The first time I really grew it long was when I was in my grunge rock phase. I was already working and I discovered the Seattle rock movement and grunge meant long unruly and wild hair. Just my thing! It suited my lifestyle,  my wardrobe and the friends I made at that period of my life. I frequented  Rock clubs, plastered my room with enlarged xerox copies of my favorite rock magazine pictures, and blared loud music out of my radio. Of course my Mom got worried and started nagging me to cut my hair, repair my ripped pants and select a different color shirt than black. And of course I didn’t…
But there came a point and I can’t recall now when and why, but I cut my hair. I still loved rock but I tamed down the volume, dressed more normally and stopped going to rock bars.  I got married and had my first child with very short hair. Then hair rebonding became popular and I tried it out. I started growing my hair out again and had it rebonded. I looked different… and I guess the wardrobe and lifestyle sort of followed. I became sleeker, more cosmopolitan. In between rebonding treatments my rock persona would resurface and to be honest I liked that version of me better than the straight-haired lady, although I always thought my hubby loved that one better. And I continued more for him than for me.
After I had my youngest almost 4 years ago and I stupidly rebonded my hair right after birth, my hair started falling off — not too drastic since I had thick hair but still enough for me to stop any more straightening treatments. After 3 years and I was back to having wild and now-damaged hair. I worked from home most of the time, and took to just either tying my hair haphazardly or clipping it up. Not really attractive. I couldn’t wash it everyday because of the fall-out and it just basically got tiring.


I was already thinking about cutting it but I was worried my hubby would not like it. Then one day, out of the blue, he asked me if I was going to have my hair rebonded (I think he was scared of wild-haired me) and I explained the reasons why I stopped. Then he said it. Why don’t i just cut it short? So I had my license. He drove me to the hairdresser’s, he had final approval of the cut and he PAID for everything, including the color. Good deal right?


Now, everything seems lighter, easier and simpler. My eldest daughter told me I looked hot, my 3-year old son said I have become a boy and we now have the same haircut. Most of the people I encounter say I look better — thinner (even sexier), brighter, less weighed-down. Changes to my style are happening again, but that’s okay. Change is welcome. In another few years I may be back with long hair, but right now, at this very moment, I feel great!  So overall, I am loving this decision.


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