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Writing: A Look Back at 2017

Happy New Year!

2017 was the year of short stories for me, mostly. I released two short stories as part of two anthologies: Summer Feels, a #romanceclass anthology included my story Buddy System, about two best friends who promised to be each other’s buddies and look out for each other during their annual company’s summer outing.  The 12 Months of Romance 24 Reasons to Love (12MR24RL) anthology included my story Life’s Tricks and Treats, about two childhood friends who rediscover each other again ten years after circumstances forced them apart.

For Summer Feels, I was actively involved in the reviewing of the final manuscripts, the proofs, as well as the  investing and business side of things, in collaboration with Kate Sebastian and Georgette Gonzales, who was already in the US when we were executing the different activities. What made it doubly great was being a part of this project with new and upcoming authors as well as established ones. The effort of everyone exerted from the writing, to the editing, to the community atmosphere in helping out in the launch and marketing! I learned a lot and met and got to know a lot of other authors.



For 12MR24RL, I started out as just a contributor, but in the end, I got involved in the review and editing of the stories to make them all ready for the release. Working with Ysa Arcangel was a joy, even if the stress levels were very high. Again, we both learned a lot, and I got to meet and interact with some more new authors.



I also contributed a couple of short stories to Sachet Novels through Maita Lu. The plan is to have these released via mobile (still crossing my fingers that the launch would happen very soon).


  • Sunrise is about a lonely woman’s chance encounter with the anti-social lead singer of her fave rock band.
  • Shake is  about a young woman’s ordeal and realizations while trapped under the rubble after a massive earthquake.
  • 9 Days Until Lockdown is about a woman who falls in love days before she is about to go into an arranged marriage to a man she has never met to save her family.
  • The Cleansing is a crime story offshoot with characters derived from my #HeistClub novella, The Retreat. It’s about revenge, redemption and being able to do good amidst all the evil around.
  • A Stephen King Kind of Wedding is full of Stephen King story references as a woman counts down to the wedding of her dreams, except her ex is making it extremely difficult for anyone to get their happy endings.

I also published a story on Inquirer Super entitled Kate’s Retreat, which is a crossover story combining my main character from my contemporary romance novel Kate, Finally  and the setting of my crime fiction story The Retreat.

Another major event for me was when Kate, Finally was chosen as one of the stories to be covered during the live reading at April Feels 2017.  The readers were Vanya Castor and Gio Gahol, and I was beside myself in kilig and glee while watching. Watch it here.


On the writing front, I have written (or completed) a couple of stories which I will be releasing this year, 2018, as follows:

  • Another First  for the #romanceclass anthology Start Here. This is now available for pre-order here.
  • Crime Circle my #HeistClub Book 2, which is a collection of four crime novellas: 3B4U, Lost, Climb and Breathe
  • In Tune  for #romanceclassYA

2017 was very productive, writing-wise, for me and I am looking forward to more events and releases this 2018!

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